The Few, The Proud

S1E3: I'll Be Home For Christmas

Spade and Joker platoons receive a briefing from Major George Dixon and Mr. Johnson in reference to a classified mission. The GIA was contacted by a field team that had been sent into Anchorage, AK after the city fell to gather intelligence. The team, along with other teams, had been believed lost. Four mechs from Joker platoon along with Major Dixon and Mr. Johnson deploy aboard one Tarantula and Spade platoon deploys aboard a second Tarantula. Both platoons make an air drop and then approach the city on the ground. Spade platoon remains outside the city while Joker platoon makes the extraction.

After several hours, Major Dixon radioes for immediate support which Spade platoon responds to. Upon arrival, Spade platoon finds Joker platoon engaged with several Migou Draonflies, three Locusts, and a Mantis. Two scout mechs from Joker platoon are either down or unaccounted for. A series of weapons malfunctions afflict both the Migou and NEG mechs. Spade platoon destroys the three Locusts and assists Joker platoon with the destruction of the remaining Locusts. A second Mantis arrives and joins the battle. 2LT Vreta destroys the first Mantis with an incredibly lucky shot. By this point only Major Dixon and Mr. Johnson’s mechs remain active from Joker platoon. The remaining Mantis withdraws as Migou reinforcements begin to assemble. Major Dixon transfers the two GIA operatives he is carrying aboard his mech to Vreta and 2LT Owen Gray. 2LT Ryan Khostov and 2LT Kobayashi Reika rescue the two downed recon pilots and rig the downed mechs for destruction. It is discovered that the other two recon mechs were lost while withdrawing from Anchorage and that the pilots were killed.

Spade and Joker platoons withdraw, but are pursued by Migou mechs and aircraft as the weather worsens. Major Dixon’s mech is damaged and having trouble keeping up with the rest of the detachment. When it becomes apparent that the NEG mechs will not be able to evade their pursuers for long enough to safely request extraction, Major Dixon turns command of the detachment over to 1LT Paul Hernandez and orders him to extract the platoon while he buys them time. Major Dixon then heads off to engage and delay the Migou mechs alone.

Spade Platoon and Mr. Johnson are able to successfully extract via Tarantulas due to Major Dixon’s sacrifice. Back aboard the Victory, Mr. Johnson responds to questions either tersely or by stating that the answers are classified. 1LT Mecy punches Mr. Johnson in the face on the hangar deck.



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