The Few, The Proud

S1E1: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

2nd Lieutenants Vreta, Owen Gray, and Ryan Khostov report for duty with the 17th Mechanized Company currently embarked aboard the NES Victory.

The 17th deploys via CV-9 Caravans to Juneau, Alaska to assist with the evacuation of all remaining military units. The 9th Mechanized Company embarked aboard NES Dreadnaught is also deployed. Elements from the 20th Arctic Division, 6th Marine Division, and 4th Canadian Division are in theatre. Evacuation has been going on for several weeks now. This is anticipated to be the last days or day.

Spade Platoon, 17th Mechanized Company is tasked with providing security and traffic control at Juneau International Airport as the platoon is short one mech and three of the five pilots have no combat experience. The majority of remaining military units are evacuated over the course of the day.

A Migou scout squad attacks and shoots down an NEG government. Spade platoon engages and 1LT Paul Hernandez, 1LT Mecy, and Khostov each destroy a Migou Dragonfly mech. A Migou company (nine Mechs) attack the airport shortly there after. Spade platoon engages the enemy company and destroys a Migou Mantis with 2LT Verta receiving primary credit for the shared kill. An NEG airstrike further slows the engagement followed by reinforcement from the rest of the 17th. The order to scatter is received from NEG command. The 17th pulls back to the Alaska Capitol Building under fire. A nuclear strike against the Migou forces massing outside Juneau inflicts significant damage and devastates Juneau. The 17th is retrieved by V-35 Tarantulas and flown back to the Victory.



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